TENZ Technology

Low Energy Screw

Saves power and energy
with every placed screw

Award-winning technology
without compromise

Winner of many awards and full of innovative technology, the wood building screw with Styrian roots is a small revolution on the screw market.

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"I invented TENZ in Graz, Styria. Our research and development always focuses on people as users. Our goal is to make working as easy as possible and to maximise the fun at work."

Gerhard Hubmann
Inventor and founder of TENZ

Perfect in every detail

Tenz Head 1

“Perfect Bit Seat” for TX screw drive and perfect power transfer

  • Dual countersunk head with milling ribs under the head
  • Wafer head for increased head pull-through strength
Tenz Stairs 1
  • For easy screwing (up to -50%)
  • No opening and milling out of wood fibres
  • Optimum thread pitch for maximum screwing speed
Tenz PAS 1

Perfectly designed point for quick screw biting

7 reasons for TENZ

One battery - more power.

Maximum usage of the battery power. Place up to twice as many screws with one battery charge.


Protects hand & Back

Doctors and physiotherapists recommend the TENZ Stairs Thread Technology® as particularly back-friendly.

tenz holzbauschraube rueckenschonend 1 20210316 005503

minimal effort

Resistance reduced by up to 50% decreases the effort required to place screws.

Increases tool life

Lower investment costs, as the service life of the tool is increased by up to 10 times.

Akkuschrauber gebroch orange 1

Gentle on the wood

The TENZ Stairs gently displace the wood instead of drilling or milling it. That is unique. 

perfect head

“Perfect Bit Seat” for TX screw drive and perfect power transfer. Milling ribs under the head for clean and flush sinking of the countersunk head version. 

perfect point

Perfectly designed point for quick screw biting 

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Data & Dimensions

TENZ countersunk head & wafer head

Screw diameter (mm)




Screw length (mm)
Screw recess (TX)
30, 40, 50
blue galvanised
Partial thread
Tenzo mit Freiraum

In the mood for Styrian technology?

Steirer Flagge TENZ 1

Invented & developed
in Styria / Austria

Easier to screw in - Easier to work
Focus on the user
schieber_front-reddot-1472x828-1920x1080Tenz Bildschieber V2

Lower thermal load, increases the service life of the application equipment.

TENZ Stairs reduce friction along the thread by reducing the contact areas between the wood and the screw.

Wood fibres are displaced so that screw and wood can optimally bond with each other.

Maximum use of the battery power when using cordless screwdrivers

Noticeably less strain and twisting of the wrist.

Easier to screw in - Easier to work
Common applications
Tenz Anwendungen1 1

X-LAN construction wall corners

Tenz Anwendungen2 1

X-LAM ceilings onto half-timbered wall

Tenz Anwendungen3 1

Ceiling onto wall

Tenz Anwendungen4 1

Steel components onto glued laminated timber or X-LAM elements

Tenz Anwendungen5 1

Rabbet screw connections on X-LAM ceilings

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Tenz Smart Performance
Saves power
with every placed screw

Start your TENZ performance.

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Weltkaarte Patente TENZ 01

TENZ patented quality

Protected & patented in over 40 countries worldwide
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Brand & Technology Partnership

TENZ technology is available as a Brand & Technology Partnership, enabling qualified partners to take advantage of low energy technology under their own brand.