Tenz Low energy screw
Some see a screw - we see new possibilities
Gerhard Hubmann Gruender Tenz

Reinventing the screw

There are people who have a different view of the world. Gerhard Hubmann, the managing director of TENZ and inventor of the new wood building screw, is one of them. He has been working with screws for wood construction for over 20 years.

From his expertise in all aspects of this everyday product came his drive to reinvent the screw. Two central problems for the application of a screw in wood were particularly close to his heart:

  • Reduce the use of force during application
  • and minimise the energy required.


Tenz Schraube WBS 8x110 Erklaerung

The Idea

Gerhard Hubmann says: "I thought of one of the original forms: a double helix. I simply divided the helix and moved the segments towards each other. Because the special shape means that only one part of the screw ever comes into contact with the surrounding wood, I achieve a significantly reduced friction and thus reduce the amount of force needed to screw it in."


Tenz Holzbauschraube 10 20210316 012730

Production readiness & foundation TENZ

After 3 years of development work in cooperation with the University of Karlsruhe (KIT) and the Technical University of Graz, the TENZ Stairs Thread Technology is ready. The idea became a finished product and is now ready to conquer the world. The focus of the far-thought technology is on the environment and people, and a system from which both benefit.


Staatspreis 1

Austrian State Prize for Engineering Consulting 2017

The State Prize Consulting - Engineering Consulting of the Austrian Ministry of Economics goes to the project "TENZ - The low-energy screw for wood / Die Profi-Holzbauschraube mit der innovativen Stairs Gewindetechnologie".

The jury justified its decision with the successful challenge of "reinventing" such an established technology as the screw: „Genial einfach – einfach genial: die Niedrigenergieschraube ‚Developed in Austria‘ hat gezeigt, dass es möglich ist, selbst in einer scheinbar einfachen Technologie eine weltweit führende Innovation zu schaffen, neue Märkte zu erschließen und dabei auch einen Beitrag zur Umwelt und Arbeitssicherheit zu leisten“, so die Staatspreis-Jury.


kompeTENZ Set Start holzschrauben3 scaled

Sales launch

Sales in Europe start with distribution partners. In Austria, the wood building screw is available via the company's own online shop.


Newsletterbild 550px ink. red dot

Red dot award : packaging design 2018

The sophisticated packaging design of the PEEKBOX was awarded the Red Dot Award: Packaging Design 2018.

The screw head serves as a button to open the presentation box, which arouses the consumer's curiosity. The hinged lid inside allows a first glimpse, as if through a circular keyhole, of the screw's most significant innovation - the TENZ® Stairs. The screw can be turned on its own axis in the special folding box and playfully shows how it works. Developed with the packaging specialist A&R Carton from Graz & the renowned design agency moodley brand identity . 


Tenz Deckmate Screws scaled 1

Hello USA!

In 2019, the world's largest home improvement chain "The Home Depot", based in the USA, decided to equip its own wood screw line "Deckmate" with TENZ® Technology, which is now available in 2,200 home improvement stores in every state in the USA.


Tenz Red Dot 1 ov7xtop5vy8ky8vgteem1jsfj6dzv0qm1hd59vlhso 1024x629 1

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019

The jury of 40 international experts evaluated all submissions according to the criteria of degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, durability and ergonomics - and selected the TENZ® wood building screw from around 5,500 participants to award it the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 with the following justification:

"Environmentally friendly and future-oriented, the innovatively designed TENZ Low-Energy Screw is a consistent implementation of the desire for a resource-saving wood screw."


staatspreis gewinner tenz © H. Tremmel

Tenz brings the State Prize for Marketing 2019 to Styria for the first time

Winning screws! TENZ wins the State Marketing Award 2019 for the innovative concept of its wood building screw. 

"The innovative energy-saving screw has not only convinced us with its well thought-out design, innovative technology and the many product advantages and durability of this screw, but also with its perfect positioning on the market with smart performance for structural timber engineering and the optimisation achieved, which also has an economic impact".was the reason given by the jury.


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UK Calling!

The Styrian innovation comes to England. Together with A. Perry, a unique screw programme "TENZ from Perry“ für den englischen Markt geschaffen. Zusammen mit den originalen TENZ-Schrauben von 6, 8 und 10 mm Durchmesser ist die steirische Innovation seit Ende 2020 auch in England verfügbar.


gewinn tenz nl

31st place in the GEWINN Young Entrepreneurs Competition 2020

The GEWINN Jungunternehmer-Wettbewerb / GEWINN Young Entrepreneurs Competition is Austria's largest competition for founders & start-ups. There were almost 1,000 initial registrations in 2020, despite the difficult conditions, of which the best 100 companies were awarded prizes. An expert jury evaluated all companies according to the criteria originality and quality of the business idea, corporate strategy, customer orientation, environmental compatibility and technical implementation of the concepts.

The gratifying 31st place shows that the TENZ screw is attracting attention alongside top technologies for vaccines, digitalisation or simulations.