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With TENZ you save 50% on power and energy. So you stay fit longer, have more power for your project and the well-deserved break afterwards.

Easier to work with less effort and energy.
Use the full battery power of the cordless screwdriver.
Set significantly more screws with one battery charge. This saves material, costs and the environment.
Women power

Curtain up

An interview with a professional tenzingqueen

TENZ: Hello Sandra, please introduce yourself briefly.
Sandra: I am 29 years young and come from the beautiful Altoschatz (Saxony, Germany). I like to be creative in my own small wood workshop and do various jobs – including the odd private commission.
TENZ: How did you get into handicrafts as a woman?
Sandra: I can’t really say – as a child I always liked to build Lego. At some point, I became enthusiastic about wood as a natural material. I started with small DIYs – over the years I have improved my skills, tools and machines. Most of it I taught myself with a lot of info from other people or through Youtube videos. Since 2018, I’ve been on Instagram as @sh_massivholzunddesign and there I’ve been able to discover a really great community that gives me lots of input, lots of ideas and inspiration. This exchange with other enthusiastic craftsmen is very valuable for me, I gather new experiences and improve myself regularly.
TENZ: How do your male craftsmen colleagues react to you and where do you get feedback?
Sandra: Positive. For the most part, they react with wide eyes when they get to know me😂. Very few men expect to find an enthusiastic craftswoman in a woman! I get feedback from family and friends and regularly from other colleagues via Instagram.
TENZ: Which project are you most proud of?
Sandra: There are a few, but the most elaborate so far have been the various VFB Stuttgart emblems, some of them with LEDs. Take a look at my results – I think a lot of them turned out really well!
TENZ: What was your last project?
Sandra: My last project was my new mobile saw table for my table saw. Nothing elaborate. I used TENZ screws in 6×120 and 6×60 for the first time on this project and have been really convinced ever since. Great to screw together and everything without splitting the wood!
TENZ: What is the most important thing for you when it comes to screws in your projects?
Sandra: If you screw a lot, you only really appreciate a good screw – that didn’t take long for me either! For me, the most important thing is that the screws cut themselves into the wood without having to pre-drill and build up great pressure with the cordless screwdriver. The screw heads must not wear out and the wood must not burst when screwed in.
TENZ: Do you have any tips for other craftsmen?
Sandra: Everything you can imagine, you can achieve! Dare to try, make mistakes and get better. Do NOT give up!
TENZ: Thank you for your time and good luck with your future projects!

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