TENZ® Low-
Energy Screw

The professional wood screw with innovative Stairs Thread Technology.

Saves energy

With TENZ you save a lot of energy. Up to -50% compared with standard screws.

-50% effort

Thanks to the TENZ Stairs thread technology, you save up to 50% of the force required for screwing.

10 X longer tool life

The lower thermal load significantly increases the service life of application equipment. (Study Technical University of Graz)

Gentle on the wood

With TENZ, fibres in the wood are not destroyed but gently displaced.

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Wood building Screws Countersunk & Wafer head

Tenz Outdoor screws

  • For all outdoor work.
  • Class C4 with anti-rust coating.
  • 1000 H salt spray tested.
  • incl. free bit Tx 25

Work Wear

Power Bits

up to -50% effort

27 electricity consumption for a 4 person household

547.880 km
by e-car

Co2 binding of
2636 trees

less waste - 
10 times longer
tool life

32,9 T
co2 saved

Save Energy with every Screw.

Savings in KwH


Co2 Savings T / Jahr

32,9 T


Tenz® Stairs

-50% Effort

TX Torx Drive
Fits perfectly

Perfectly designed point
for quick screw biting

The secret of TENZ is the stairs - the elevations between the threads.

These steps specifically create a smaller friction area, which significantly reduces the screwing-in resistance. The alternating loading and unloading creates a unique oscillating screwing-in movement – which brings amazing benefits on several levels. 

The unique feature is that the wood fibres are gently displaced instead of being drilled or milled. The result is better interlocking between the screw and the wooden component. 

Quite waterproof!

Our outdoor screws in the 2000 hours aquarium endurance test.

without any living fish, of course!
The anti-rust coating of the TENZ OUTDOOR screws resists the toughest conditions.

Makes wood feel like butter

Our wood screws are a real high-tech product and designed to make your work as easy as possible. From the drive to the tip, we pay attention to every detail. We use the best materials and constantly monitor our quality.

The professional wood building screw with innovative Stairs Thread Technology.

Have fun at work!

Gerhard Hubmann
Inventor and founder of TENZ

Wood building screw
countersunk head

Wood building screw wafer head

Mag. Gerald Strohmeier

“This is a timber construction screw that specifically relies on its thread which makes for an out-of-the-box technology that is noticeably different in its use.”


“When placing the first screw, you may not notice much of a difference but you will when placing the hundredth and that includes differences in the utilisation capacity of existing equipment.”


“For innovative projects made of the living building material wood, you need equally perfect screws to achieve planning goals.”

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Donate instead of gifts

Instead of Christmas mail, screw manufacturer TENZ donates to WEiL again this year. Acting instead of ignoring when it comes to young people at risk of suicide.

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Art at the Avalanches Gallery

TENZ at the summit of art. The avalanche gallery on the Riesneralm was converted into an exhibition space as part of the campaign “Avalanche [GALLERY] – at the summit of art”.

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Red Dot Award

A screw convinced the well-known jury of the Red Dot Awards 2019 and leaves the competition behind.

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