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about TENZ

TENZ® is the world’s best screw for wood! It makes drilling in the screw easier and saves energy. Working with TENZ® is simply fun.

Numerous awards testify to the innovative power of the screw and the company. Here, too, we are rethinking the screw.

TENZ® is a new award-winning thread technology with an energy-saving effect. TENZ is the Austrian State Award winner 2017 & 2019. The jury justified its decision with the successful challenge of “reinventing” such an established technology as the screw.

“Ingeniously simple – simply ingenious: the low-energy screw ‘Made in Austria’ has shown that it is possible to create a world-leading innovation even in a seemingly simple technology, to open up new markets and to make a contribution to the environment and occupational safety in the process,” said the State Prize jury.
Less friction = Easier screwing in = More fun at work! Frictional forces are always aligned to counteract and inhibit or prevent movement. An essential criterion for the occurrence of frictional forces is the surface finish. The geometry of the TENZ® screw makes it possible to minimise friction. Screwing is therefore resource-saving for man, machine and the environment!

In our video you can learn more about the function of TENZ®. Click here to go directly to our video!  
The secret of TENZ® screws are the steps placed along the thread. The fibre of the wood is gently displaced. The interaction of the pairs of steps results in the uniqueness of the TENZ® Stairs thread technology.

TENZ® is suitable for any wood joint and, with up to 60% less effort, is the best choice for industry, crafts and at home – versatile, easy and safe to use.
No, the geometry of TENZ® is unique and patented. The steps, which are offset against each other across the thread, can only be found with TENZ®. There is no comparable screw on the market.
The unique selling point is the pressing and pushing of the wood fibre instead of milling or drilling it. The energy required for screwing is very low. This is achieved by a quasi-oval cross-section in the area of the thread.
The desire to combine energy saving with labour saving was the driving factor. Much of our world can be derived from nature.

The unique thread shape of the TENZ® screw is based on the original shape of a DNA double helix. This shape was experimentally transferred to the screw over a period of 3 years until the perfect geometry was finally found: The TENZ STAIRS THREAD TECHNOLOGY® – minimum insertion resistance combined with the best technical performance values and maximum energy efficiency.
Gerhard Hubmann, the inventor of TENZ STAIRS GEWINDETECHNOLOGIE®, lives for the screw. Born in Austria and with his main residence in Styria, he can look back on over 25 years of experience in fastening technology with a focus on screws.

He brought successful innovations to the screw market for many well-known companies in Europe. As a professional in the field of screw manufacturing and application, he has considerable expertise in the requirements for the “perfect screw”. As an innovation driver in the field of screw technology, he looks forward to the worldwide marketing and success of the TENZ® wood screw.
The effect of the screw has been scientifically studied and proven. Studies by the KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology* prove that the offset core diameter of the screw reduces the required screw-in torque by up to 50%.

*Karlsruher Institut für Technologie – With the head of the Institute for Timber Construction and Building Structures, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Joachim Blaß, the University in Karlsruhe is the most internationally renowned research unit for joining technology in timber construction.


TENZ® comes in three versions:
  • TENZ® countersunk head wood screw – reliably holds any wood joint together and the head sinks into the wood. Available in diameters of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm in lengths of 40mm-600mm in blue galvanised.
  • TENZ® wafer head wood screw – if you want to screw components together even tighter or join wood and metal – this connection will stick. Available in diameters of 6mm and 8mm in lengths of 30mm-600mm in blue galvanised.
  • TENZ® Outdoor screw – your perfect and cost-effective solution for outdoor projects with Anti-rust coating in yellow and green.
TENZ offers a very attractive alternative to conventional stainless steel screws, especially in terms of price.

The screws of the TENZ OUTDOOR line are provided with a weather-resistant coating. This makes them suitable for all outdoor applications.

All screws in this line are subjected to a strict test procedure and must withstand at least 1,000 hours in salt spray.
Yellow galvanised screws contain chromium VI. Chromium VI has been proven to be carcinogenic and its use is therefore prohibited.

TENZ® wood builing screws are therefore available in a blue/white galvanised version without chrome VI – for the sake of health.
Steel from Taiwan is used for TENZ®.
TENZ® is currently produced in the south of Taiwan.
Production takes place in certified factories in Asia in compliance with European production standards.

All production batches are also subjected to AV24 quality control in Austria.

Each package of TENZ® wood building screws is marked with the AV24 quality seal (label on the bottom of the screw box). The AV24 quality seal guarantees tested quality. Only screws that meet the 24 strict quality criteria receive the AV24 quality seal.

The specified quality requirements for TENZ® wood building screws go far beyond the legal and market standards. The wood building screws are tested in an extensive test procedure – from the screw head to the screw tip.

Find out more here: www.av24.at
TENZ® consists of a drive (TX), a head (countersunk or wafer), the shank, a perfectly sharp point and the revolutionary TENZ STAIRS THREAD TECHNOLOGY®.
Each component of the TENZ® screws has its own unique effect.
  • he special steel gives the screw the necessary stiffness but is flexible enough to bend properly.
  • The TX drive transfers the force from the screwdriver to the screw. A perfectly shaped TX drive prevents annoying slipping and minimises the risk of injury.
  • The sharp point immediately pulls the screw into the wood. The head gently pulls the components together, whereby countersunk head and plate head each have their own advantages and thus partly different areas of application.
  • The thread turns the screw into the wood. The TENZ® STAIRS, also called steps, ensure that this is possible with less effort. This makes working really fun.
TENZ® is made of high-strength steel. The surface is a zinc coating in blue/white colour and serves as protection against rust.

Because we know our product like no one else, you can find the ingredients of our screws here:

* Eisen, (Fe):                   98 – 99 %

* Kohlenstoff, (C):          0,18 – 0,23 %

* Mangan (Mn):              0,07 – 1,00 %

* Phosphor (P):                ≤ 0,03 %

* Schwefel (S):                ≤ 0,05 %

* Silicium (Si):                ≤ 0,10 %

* Bor (B):                        ≤ 0,003 %

* Zink (Zk):                     ≤ 0,6 % in the surface

* Polyethylen (PE):          ~ 0,25 % in the surface

Polyethylene (PE) is physiologically harmless and practically odourless and tasteless. It is shock and impact resistant and has good sliding properties. Therefore, it is a component of the wax layer of the surface.


TENZ® is the wood builing screw for professionals & do-it-yourselfers.

No matter whether a new carport is to be built at home, a great new wooden fence is to be installed or even a new roof truss is to be mounted. The best way to screw TENZ® is in solid wood or plywood, cross-laminated timber boards, chipboard and all similar wood materials.
YES! All screws from TENZ® are marked according to the harmonised standard EN 14592 and comply with all legal requirements.

For technical questions please send an e-mail to technik@tenz.at and you get access to extensive documentation on the calculation of TENZ® wood builing screws.
You can find the performance characteristics in the declaration of performance at www.tenz.at or under the following link: TENZ DOP
The easiest way to do this is with an electric screwdriver or cordless screwdriver.

The appropriate drive (bit) is clamped into the screwdriver and off you go. You can also screw TENZ® with a screwdriver.

Always make sure you have the right combination of drive size and bit used:
  • TENZ® screws with a diameter of 6mm are screwed in with a TX30 bit.
  • TENZ® screws with a diameter of 86mm are screwed in with a TX40 bit.
  • TENZ® screws with a diameter of 10mm are screwed in with a TX50 bit.
Of course, you can also use TENZ® screws with conventional TX bits.
TENZ® screws are not a toy. They are a building product with a very sharp point. Injuries may occur due to improper and non-professional use. Please keep this building product away from children. We also recommend keeping the product out of the reach of small children.

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