TENZ Outdoor Yellow

  • Ø 4,5 / 5,0
  • For all outdoor applications
  • Anti rust coating
  • Bit for free!



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TENZ® Power-Bit
From 30€

1 Bit for free

TENZ-Works Handschuhe
From 70€

1 x Gloves for free!

TENZ Pro Weste ohne Ärmel
From €700

1 x Work Jacket for free!


TENZ® – The professional wood screw with the innovative Stairs thread technology, now also with anti-rust coating for outdoor use!

Easier to work with and simply fun to use! The completely new thread geometry of the TENZ® wood screw leaves the wood fibre intact instead of milling or drilling it. At the same time, the energy and force required for screwing are significantly reduced. The service life of screw-in tools is increased by the mode of action of the TENZ STAIRS THREAD TECHNOLOGY®.

The advantages of TENZ® at a glance:

    • Significantly reduced screw-in resistance of the wood screw
    • Increased service life of application equipment
    • Less effort and energy required for screwing in
    • Increased work safety and motivation
    • Anti-rust coating for outdoor applications


Whether in structural timber engineering, interior construction or other projects with wood – the TENZ® wood building screw gives you the opportunity to think about projects from scratch.

Ingeniously simple – simply ingenious!


Size inch Size cm
#8×1-1/4 4,5 x 35
#8×1-5/8 4,5 x 45
#9×2 5,0 x 50
#9×2-1/2 5,0 x 65
#9×3 5,0 x 80
#10×3-1/2 5,0 x 90
#10×4 5,0 x 100

Additional information

Weight N/A
Diameter (d) in mm

4.5, 5

Length (l) in mm

35, 45, 50, 65, 80, 90, 100