The 2019 State Marketing Award goes to TENZ!

Award winning screws! TENZ wins the State Marketing Award 2019 for the innovative concept of its wood building screw.
There are people who have a different view of the world. Gerhard Hubmann, the managing director of TENZ and inventor of the new wood screw, is one of them. He has been dealing with screws of all kinds for many years. From his expertise on all aspects of this everyday product came his drive to reinvent the screw. Two central problems for the application of a screw in wood were particularly close to his heart:
    1. to reduce the use of force in the application
    2. to minimise the energy input

The highest award for marketing in Austria

With the State Prize for Marketing 2019, we won the highest possible award for marketing in Austria. We were thus able to prevail over 126 other marketing projects. But it was not only the State Prize for Marketing that we won. We were also able to secure the category win “Manufacturing Industry”. On 17 June 2019, we were awarded the prize in a ceremony at the Sofiensäle in Vienna.

“The submitted project convinces by successfully addressing essential aspects of marketing. Through careful market analysis combined with an innovative and patented design, a supposed low-impact product was given its own identity. The market is clearly segmented into a premium and discount market.”

© PULS4 / from the programme 4GamechangersTV, the future magazine on PULS4

Less energy input – more screws!

Screws hold the world together – but little attention is paid to them. Yet a screw in a construction project has many influences on material, man and machine and is an energy consumer that should not be underestimated. The advantage of the new screw is easy to explain: it requires much less force to screw in. This makes work more fun. The new TENZ energy-saving screw for wood is based on the innovative TENZ Stairs along the thread. These significantly reduce friction and thus the screwing-in resistance. Due to the unique screwing-in movement, the wood fibres are displaced and not drilled or milled. These wood construction screws can be easily and cleanly set without pre-drilling. This solves existing problems on several levels:
  • The human being as the processor of the product needs less force. This is a noticeable advantage in both professional and private projects. Fatigue sets in much later, the back is spared.
  • The service life of the screwdriver is increased tenfold compared to the use of normal wood construction screws.
  • The battery power of the cordless screwdriver is used optimally. With one battery charge, up to twice as many screws can be set than when using normal wood construction screws.
  • No pre-drilling is necessary. This eliminates an entire work step. This is particularly energy and time efficient.
Overall, there is potential for saving energy in construction projects through the use of the TENZ energy-saving screw that has never been used before. Every day, up to 1,000 tonnes of screws are screwed into wood worldwide. The energy used for this can be reduced by up to 60% with the TENZ Stairs thread. The working time is reduced by up to 50%. Whether in structural timber engineering, interior construction or other projects with wood – TENZ gives you the opportunity to rethink projects from the ground up.

About the prize

Every two years, the Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Economic Location awards the State Prize for Marketing. This prize is one of the highest awards given in Austria in the marketing industry. The prize is awarded for innovative concepts that have achieved sustainable results. In addition, the award is a recognised seal of quality for high-quality marketing, sustainability and value orientation.